Litchfield Public School Foundation 

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Our Mission

How Can You Help?

To obtain that which may be otherwise unobtainable for our students.

Through the Litchfield Public School Foundation, citizens have a tax-deductible opportunity to contribute to the development of innovative programs and promote projects that enhance learning opportunities for children.


Each generation has obstacles to face. The goal of the Litchfield Public School Foundation is to make certain that the next generation will have access to a quality education, like we did, in confronting these obstacles.

All persons interested in enhancing educational opportunities for the young
people of the Litchfield School District are asked to support the Litchfield Public School Foundation with donations and bequests.

Examples might include cash, farmland, IRA’s or stocks.  Direct contributions can be made, or the Foundation can be named as a beneficiary in a will.


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How it works

To meet the increased challenges faced by the Litchfield Public Schools, the School Foundation has joined the Southwest Initiative Foundation and entered into a partnership with the Litchfield Area Community Foundation. 


The result is that those wishing to assist the School Foundation can be assured that professional expertise will be available to handle any donation they choose to make.


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