Litchfield Public School Foundation

Litchfield Public School Foundation

2018 Grant Recipients

2018 Recipients

Project Title: MS 5th Grade Math Manipulatives

Summary: Purchasing or replacing math manipulative for standards in 5th, this investment will assist in introducing, developing and expanding concrete knowledge of mathematical concepts for all students.

Project Title: Rockin’ Around 6th Grade

Summary: Funds will be used to purchase student rocking chairs for 6th grade classrooms. A few of these chairs are in classrooms now, and increased time on task has been demonstrated by students who have used them.

Project Title: Cornhole Set Cross Curricular Project

Summary: Supplies will be purchased for ten cornhole board sets for bean bag toss. The boards will be built by middle school students in the industrial tech classes, decorated during Art classes and the bean bags sewn during FACS. The final products will be used by all Middle School students in Physical Education class.

Project Title: Enhancing with Osmo

Summary: Osmo Genius Kits will be purchased to extend and enhance learning beyond the regular curriculum. The Osmo system integrates technology with hands-on manipulative, allowing children to creatively expand their thinking. Math, language, science and art are areas that are enhanced with this program. Five sets will allow for one to be in each 2nd grade classroom.

Project Title: Media for the Elementary

Summary: Large screen television, cart and sound system will be purchased for use at Lake Ripley Elementary. This mobile system will enhance many school activities including Kindergarten Round Up, school assemblies, parent teacher conferences, staff development and Dragon Pride Activities.

Project Title: Model Kits for Chemistry

Summary: This project will purchase 16 Duluth Labs Molecular Model kits to replace aging materials. Molecular models give students a way to visualize chemistry that is, unfortunately, impossible to see.

Project Title: Padcaster Productions

Summary: Padcaster equipment (camera, microphone and a wheeled tripod) will be purchased and the English department will use it for project based learning and imovie creations. They will cover multiple content areas including writing, reading, science, social studies and possibly health or physical education.

Project Title: Rocket Math

Summary: Rocket Math will be implemented to teach basic math facts at Lake Ripley Elementary within the special education department and general education classrooms.

Project Title: Seating Options & Fidgets

Summary: Funds will be used to purchase flexible seating options and age appropriate fidgets for the classroom. These options will allow for more movement in the classroom and enhance student focus during instruction and work time.

Project Title: Speech and Language iPads

Summary: Funds will be used to purchase new iPads and specialized speech/language apps that will allow for enhanced learning for those students receiving Speech & Language services.

Project Title: Spire Reading

Summary: Funds will be used to purchase additional books, sound circles, and syllable rectangles to be used at Lake Ripley Elementary by special education teachers.

STEM Design Challenge

Summary: Flinn Scientific’s STEM Design Challenge Kits will be purchased for use in the 6th, 7th and possibly 8th grade science classrooms. The goal of the project will be to provide active, inquire-based self-paced STEM labs that will be added to middle school science curriculum.

Project Title: STEM Games for kids

Summary: Funds will purchase games that encourage the use of science, technology, engineering and math. These games will be used with all kids at Lake Ripley Elementary through the Dean of Students position.

Project Title: Take a Stand for Education

Summary: Tabletop standing desks will be purchased for students to use while engaging in learning in a more physical way. Physical activity in the classroom engages minds and decreases a sedentary lifestyle.

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