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Litchfield Public School Foundation

2019 Grant Recepients

2019 Grant Recipients

Creating a Calming Space-Sensory Room Update for Lake Ripley School

The special education team at Lake Ripley School would like to update their student sensory room by purchasing new swings and other sensory tools that they can use to help their students maintain focus and to offer a calming space to students who are having difficulties in the classroom environment.   This project will help students at Lake ripley School be more successful socially and academically in their classrooms.

Fifth Grade Music Exploration

Litchfield has a deep, rich history in music and provides the students with awesome opportunities to perform, learn, and grow as a musician. This class will be their start into a world that can take them anywhere you want to go and will focus on playing actual band instruments.

Graphing Dragons

This project is to put graphing technology in the hands of all students.  I would like to purchase TI-84 graphing calculators for my classroom. The grant money will help put more opportunities in the hands of students to learn to solve complex algebra problems by using graphing technology to help them visualize problems.

Chromebooks for Coding

In a world where coding is becoming a necessary skill, it is important that we equip our students with those skills to help them become successful citizens in the digital world.  Chromebooks for Coding is a project that will allow students to explore an area which could set them up for a future of career involving coding.

STEM Challenge Resources

The STEM Challenge Resource grant will provide fourth graders with the opportunity to collaborate with their peers to reach a weekly goal.  The goals will be specific challenges that utilize STEM-based tools.  Using resources to complete each challenge will encourage creative thinking and problem solving while strengthening communication skills and ability to merge ideas into one solution.

Brains and Bodies Ready for School

This project will provide a “gross motor boost” for our district’s preschool program.  More movement supports a child’s ability to organize the brain for learning.  With the materials in this project, students will engage in obstacle courses, group gross motor games, and individual skill building with gym materials.

Special Education Sensory/Regulation

There are many sensory, emotional and behavioral needs at the middle school.  We need to have an area that is safe, clean, and appropriate as possible for our students to best support their needs on a daily basis.  These items would allow the team working with our students to better support their needs in regards to sensory and self-regulation skills.

AnaLegs: Exploration of Geometry

Analegs kits will be utilized by fourth grade students to enhance the exploration of geometry concepts through lessons and hands-on learning.  The use of Anglegs will also challenge students to become problem solvers by working individually or as teams to tackle problems they are given to work through.  The use of manipulatives gives students the freedom to show what they have learned about concepts when they might not be able to express in writing or orally.  The ability to differentiate instruction allows for so many more ways for students to explore and grow as learners.

First Grade Math Maniacs

First Grade Math Maniacs project will create a classroom where children can use their imagination, critical thinking, and engineering skills. The materials will allow the teacher to differentiate instruction in the classroom.

Engaging Families for Student Success

Research shows there is a strong link between family-school engagement and improved student learning.  This project focuses on the intentional development of building effective family-school partnerships between Title I Families and Lake Ripley Elementary in order to improve student reading achievement.

MS Lab Equipment-Electronic Balances

The middle school science department is seeking funds to purchase new Laboratory Electronic Balances.  The balances will be utilized in all middle school science classrooms grades 5-8.  Currently, labs involving mass have been limited by the number of scales available.

Adult and Infant CPR manikins with built-in CPR rate monitors

Cardiac arrest is one of the leading causes of death in the United States.  CPR saves lives.  CPR classes give students and staff the training and skills needed to make a difference in a crisis. CPR/AED training is offered to staff and students.  Approximately 350 students and staff are trained each year.  Purchasing updated CPR manikins would make it possible for both staff and students to continue to effectively learn lifesaving skills, making schools, communities, and families safer.

Sound for the Wagner Building

Sound equipment is a vital part of being able to utilize our gym space to the fullest as well as other spaces throughout the district such as the HS Cafeteria, MS gyms, and pool area.  These spaces are utilized for students of all ages.

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